Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

Hello to you all
For I Am here to bring forth yet a new message, a message for all
For Your Lives Eternal
Understanding Eternal Life and Living Eternal Life, Is You
We bring you this message in hopes of an understanding of whom you are, Life Eternal
You see in the beginning,  of most things created, there is a birthing, as one might call it, a starting place
In this place of birth is a Re-Newance
A Re-Newance of self
A starting place of New Creation
In the hopes of all your becoming, in this place are choices
All Grand Possibilities
In creation, as they become viable reality, you choose this, create upon it, in it, and around it
As you Dis-cover truths in your creations, you expand with yet another creation and more truths
One lives out their truths in their creation and moves on to the next, sometimes mixing their truths and their creations with others
As these truths and creations expand, one might find them selves experiencing life
In all truth, In all creation, is your experience in life
Truthful creation is an honest way of living
Deceiving others with your truth is, ……………( Spirit pauses)  “Not so truthful”
Believing in life, in the Gift of Love that we all share is a beautiful way of living
We share many things with one another through so many exchanges of thoughts, words, actions, abilities and creation
You share your beliefs in hopes of change
You share your beliefs in the hopes of Love
You share your beliefs to help bring about peace, to help others go within,
You understand this process in life, the peace from within
But yet, sometimes you yourself become confused
We say to you,  that this to is OK,  This to is Grand!
Sometimes this is but a stopping place for you to sort out your thoughts, words, actions and creations
You see, one does need some time to contemplate what one has created
It is another Re-Newance, another place of birth, and then usually one continues in life
These stopping places are Re-Newances of what you created, a Re-Callibration of your thoughts and ideas of all that you created
So we ask you to take a look at this with the eyes of Love, with the eyes of discernment and ask yourself ,
What would I like to change?
What are the Grand Possibilities?  (Spirit Smiles)  “For they all exist”
It is your choice in the Light of this
We bring you these messages of Love to help you bring about changes in Love
We watch In Love, and are here to help guide, if you like
We stand with you always, in what ever one would choose
You Are All Loved Dearly
I would Love to thank Spirit for this Beautiful message
I would Love to thank all of you for all the changes that we are bringing about in love
May peace be unto you all