Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

I Am the Peace and the Light that walks amongst you
I Am the Peace In the Light that comes from Within you
I Am the Love of God that has ever been created and that shall be created
I Am Love Evermore
I Am as you a sovereign being of Light in Love
As for my tasks in light are as yours, to create Love
Are we as one?    Yes
Are we together?  Always
Has there ever been a separation from God?   NO
You are and will always be as Grand as the Love that Created you
Your divine path in life is as and will always be that in Love
You have walked this path many times, and as distant as it may seem, it is also very familiar
You have chosen this in Love, always in Love, to walk the path of a Love in Light Bearer
” Bring on the Light” as you have always said
Let others know as I know and as I have come to know,  That all That IS, LOVE
Truth of Love lies in creation
The creation of each individual is as such;          Self Thought,  Self Taught,  Self Touched, and Self Created
Being said this, we shall move on to what has been created and what truths may lie within a creation
Creation from our point of view is as Love Expanding upon itself,
In ways of Knowing, Learning, Expressing, Understanding, and Experiencing life on your planet
Gaia has always said   ” Understanding Love is Understanding You”
It’s an understanding of All that IS
Walk with me now to a place of all creation, to understand all that has been created
Take a look at all that Is before you
What do you see?
What are you creating?
What has been created?
What has come from your creations?
Take a moment to understand all that you See, Feel, Know
In this moment understand that all life, that is before you is as all life,  Created
Knowing life and an Understanding of Life brings about the Essence of Love
Love Yourselves, Love All that Is Created and Be at Peace in Knowing and Understanding
For all things created large or small, grandiose or not so, are Love
You have all come here for a purpose, To Love, Create, In an Ever Expansion of all that you are
We Love You Always!!!
I would like to thank Spirit for the Loving message
and I would like to thank all of you for your love and intent
May Peace Be Unto You