Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

I come to you all on this Peaceful Day In Love
Hello to you all,
For I am to bring forth Love, Peace-Fullness to your attention so that you may have a knowing of what is before you
YES!!!  You have passed yet another marker!
You are moving from a place of duality into of place of Oneness, Togetherness
A place where all things created are as one!
In this place you are becoming more aware of
Your Ideas
Your Thoughts
Your Actions
Your Emotions
and Your Desires in all that you Create, In all that you have Created
In Light of this All
You have become more aware of those who create around you
For there are those of you who Wish to Create amongst you
We would say ” For those of you whom Wish to Create” ” May All Your Wishes be Filled With LOVE!”
As we have Now moved passed this marker, let it be known that your lives will change yet once again
The change that you are bringing about are changes In Love, in Peace- Fullness in Guidance of Self
You, Yourself and many others are Unified, You All are bringing this together!
If We may say to you “THIS IS GRAND INDEED!!!”
for Your Lives Now are Boundless!!!
In this place, it is in your Peek Curiosity that moves you about
We say to you “Be Curious” “Move About”
Move into that place of Happiness!
Know that your Happiness inspires all others!
It Is this Light that Shines Bright!
Be Joyful in all your Endeavors and know that Happiness is a Key to Love!
All in All, Bye in Bye,
You know this
For our Peaceful Nature is as yours
Becoming Your Wishes,
Become Your Dreams
Become All that you set forth in Love
For all that you Wish For Awaits you!
Know that Life is Filled with your Imagination!
Imagination is the Fruit of Creation!
Imagine Love Always!
For I am here with you always
I would like to thank Yeshua for this loving message
I would like to thank you all for your efforts in love
know that it is your peaceful and loving choices that are changing your lives and many others into a more peaceful and loving way of living
I wish you All the Best into this Grand New Year!
May all of your lives be Filled with Love, Joy, Happiness, and Prosperity!!!
May you have Compassion for all others, May your Heart be in a Place of Unconditional Love!
May your Imagination be Fruitful!
and as Yeshua said  “May You Imagine Love Always”!
Blessings, May peace be unto All of You!