Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

“Creation Abound”

Hello to you All

For I come to you all in this Peaceful place of Love

Fear NOT! of what you may have heard, For WE are always With YOU!

You may have an understanding about many things,

The Understanding of God and ALL that Love IS is what you are Experiencing!

Be at Peace and know that all that Is Created,

Is Love,

Is Wondrous,

Is for you All

Look not as things may be, for this is an area of Creation that is Ever Expanding, Ever Evolving

Look only for a moment to watch Creation Become!!!

You see, in these place’s of creation, your Thoughts, your Ideas, your Abilities Expand and Grow together with one another

“A Beautiful thing this Is” “To watch Creation Create Upon Itself” ( Spirit Smiles)

“Know this my children”, that the Beauty of All Creation Is YOU!!!

Be at Peace in these wondrous times to know that all that Is before you is Love

Harden Not your Heart to the many things that you see around you, Know that this too is Love in all of its creative Beauty

For you may view things as otherwise, but to see the Beauty and Love in all things Created, Is a View of Love

In a place of Higher Consciousness is a view of Wonder, a place of Peace fullness, a place of Vast creation within you all

Hold Not to old Idealisms or what you may have heard, or Old understandings about life

But be Open to Receive New Ways of New Ideas, of New Change in All that You Wish to Create

For if the door remains closed then you are Not Open to Receive!


Open these places within you to receive information of Love

Open your Hearts

Open your Minds

Open your Thoughts and Ideas to broaden your Perspective Into your Creative Abilities “In All that You Wish to Create”




Go within to bring forth your many creations of Love

We ask this of you Now Children!

We ask this of you ALL!

To be Open in LOVE

To be Open in Change

To be FREE in all that Life and Love IS

We walk with you always in All of the many roads and paths that you have chosen

for all of your roads and paths have come to an end

We ask you all to Walk the Road of The Infinite

The Road and Path less travelled

The Road of the New

The Path of Change

Into this place of Wonder of Vast Creation, The Path of Never Ending

We Await you!

For you all have waited a long time for this!

For it is here NOW Within you All

“Be the Love of Creation”

Together with you always, We are

In this Peaceful place of Love

We Stand with you ALL


I would like to thank Yeshua for his Loving message today

I would like to thank All of you for giving your Intent in Love

May Peace and Love Be your Way