Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

Spiritual Innocence
This is a place where Truth, Purity and Clarity  All come together as one
It is a Unification of Spirit  All that you are  All that is Divine
It is the place where your Hopes and Dreams are Created
The past is past gone, The Future is but a Glimpse into Creation as you create your reality a reality that is unseen but for the moment
In this place of creation in all that is to be experienced is the Hopes and Dreams of your every Thought, Hope’s, Wishes and Desires
They all come together to formulate in what you may conceive as life
as you move past each thought and move on to the next there are places that open for creation
Creation moves about like the Wind and the Water ever flowing as it moves about
Within Your Thoughts, Your Desires formulate within your being
You bring these thoughts and desires forward into Speech, Words, Action, Thus Creating your reality, which is then shared with others
In this place where your Ideas, Thoughts, Desires and Wishes manifest into reality
Others share a part in this Grand Configuration Called Love
It is an Intermingling of all that is created within your creations of free will
Place Not what you may perceive as an Intermingling of the mind
For all Creation comes from your Love
You may perceive many things as an Un- loving gesture, But I assure you that All IS LOVE
It Has been given to you many times that Love is the Essence and Creation of Alll Things
Were you not created out of Love, would you not be The Grand Being That You Are!!!
In this place children you have all come to know of all that you are, All that you are becoming
Remember that in this place You Are the Innocence of Love
For it is within this place your Grand Being Radiates a Purity of Love
You see many things through a limited perception, We are asking you to Lift these limitations that you have created for yourselves
and to move into a Boundless, Limitless, Ever Evolving, Unlimited Posture of Creation!!!
The Door is Open!!!
Truth be known, there is No Door to walk through, for this is just a metaphor to an Opening inside of you,
A Release of the old as you move into The New
The Newness of all your Creations, Where your creations Resonate with all that you Love, All that you Desire
Create from this place children and Live!
Become The Dream of your Lives!
For we love you All
For we are here to assist you with all your creations as Grand as they may be!
So be at Peace,
Move forward into this place of Grand Creation and know that “The Spiritual Innocence of All Life IS YOU!!!”
 I would like to Thank and Honor Spirit for the message and the Love that has been shared with all of us today!
 Blessings to you All