Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

Today is a grand Day Indeed!
For Life in Love Surrounds you All
Hello to you all
for I am here once again to share a message of Love!
You have All journeyed from many places to arrive in this place of love
Carry Not the baggage of before ( your past)
But bring forth a new Life of change
Holding not to old patterns
Bring about peace into your lives
These peaceful times that you are bringing about are In Love, In Harmony, In Joy with all that you desire
There are places in your Heart that may seem divided
Bring about the knowing that they are Not
Divided as they may seem,
for they are truly questions un answered
This is why we ask of you to seek out the Knowing of Love from within
For it is there you will find all that you wish to seek
Bring about the changes in your lives that you wish!
Know that the God from within is with you Always in your endeavors!
truly Know that we are with you Always on your path that is ever changing, ever evolving
Bring about these much needed changes in your lives children,
For we see what you desire
The potentials of Life from within you are GRAND!
Be at Peace in your choosing
Be at Peace in your Knowing
Consider All things as Possibilities!
Trust Your Hearts
Trust in Your Selves
Trust in All that you have Become In this knowing of life
These Peaceful times for the many Reflect Light into your Knowing of Love
Walk with Me in Change
Walk with Me in Love
Walk together in Life
a Life that is Grand
These cherished moments that we bring about together Raise the Vibration of Your Thoughts, Your Beliefs, Your Creations!
For you see, they are Grand Indeed!
“May the Loving Vibration in your Lives Increase to its GRAND POTENTIAL!!!”
“May you Find what it is you Seek!!!”
“May you Create the Love From Within!!!”
“May you Bring about your Loving Creations!!!”
“May you No Longer Be Divided in your Heart!!!”
In this Peaceful place of Knowing
May you ALL KNOW!
for I AM with you always
Spirit of Love
I would like to thank Spirit of Love for bringing this message to us all
and I thank all of you in giving your Intent in Love
 Have a Beautiful and Wondrous Journey!
Blessings to you All