Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

 Hello to you All
I am here with you once again
As you sit in this place, know that you are divinely guided
Be at peace
Sense the Love that surrounds you
Have your Hearts open and allow for this
You,  as many children of God are on a path in Love,  In love with many things
The Adventure Awaits you All!
For your experiences now will be complete in a unification with God in all that you Desire and Dream
Your positive affirmations about all the Love from within, will carry a light out into the world
Hold your Heart High in the Peaceful knowing of LOVE
Be Joyous on your path!
Be open to receive!
and know that the Peaceful Guiding Light of God is YOU!
We surrender our Love to you in all ways Imaginable
In the Love of All That Is, Our way is your way in the highest ways of Love, Joy, Happiness, Abundance and Peace
Harden Not your hearts, but open the door of Love
We will grant to you
Ways of Knowing,
 Ways of Guidance,
Ways of Peace
That through our guidance we share knowledge and Guiding Wisdom in the Hopes of Love
Bring about your Dreams
Bring about your Love
For it is here,  that brings about the Magic of All Things Creative
We will once again leave you with a thought of Love
We are always nearby
We stand beside you while you weep
We lay near you while you sleep
and in the most joyous moments of your lives We Celebrate your Love in Life
May the Magic of Gods wisdom
Help you to celebrate your Lives in Love
Always with you
Always nearby
In your thoughts I await you
 I would like to Thank Yeshua for his wonderful message of Love and Guidance
I would like to Thank all of you for giving intent in love
Blessings to all of you!