Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

Hello to you Alll
For I Am here with you All Now
One in Spirit
One in Love
One in Life
Let me take you to a place
A place of peace,
A place of forgiveness
In a state of joy I bring you messages of Love
It may be peaceful for some and for some a peaceful beginning
For you all have come to a place, that is in your hearts in all that you desire
There are voices of joy that carry with it an Energy of All that you are, All that God Is
I will take you now with your Intent to this place
Sense, Feel, the Energy of Love that surrounds you
Be at peace, Know that all is Divine
In your knowing there are places of receiving,
Receiving Love, Creating Laughter, Being Harmonious with all that is
For you all are Creation
You all are the Creator
You all are Creative
We ask you to have a knowing of this, to Be this
To bring this for-word into your consciousness
and Allow for the Love to Be Creative!
Know that it is appropriate in your consciousness
Know that Love is Divine!
Know that Love is Beautiful!
Know that Love is whom you are!
We Know as you Know  That “ALL IS LOVE!!!”
That the Love of the Creator of whom you are, permeates all things
Look around you
Open your Eyes, Your Hearts, Your Consciousness and see the Love
We ask you to be Open to all the possibilities of Love
In your Love Consciousness we ask that you become creative and create more of the Love that you are
( and for some, more of what you are becoming)
You will see this! 
Fear Not! of what you think you don’t know!
But, Become Aware of the knowing of Love
 and All that you are and are Becoming
It is always been a choice of yours to Become or Not
It is your choice in consciousness that allows for this
We ask that you choose to Become All that You Wish
With the Infinite Possibilities of Creation!
for We know about you and your creative Abilities, They Are Divine!
as Divine as You!
So we will leave you now with this message of creation
Worry Not!
Fear Not!
be Not of the old ways of creation!
For these ways have served you, but Not Now! Not No More!
Open your creative abilities In Love and Dis-cover The Love In Creation!
For I AM always with You
I AM always nearby
I Am as close as your thoughts
for I AM as you
 I would like to thank Yeshua for these words of Love
and helping us to recognize the creative abilities that we all have within us
I would like to thank all of you for your love and Intent
and remember to create In Love