Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

“Walking into the Unknown”

Hello to you All
For I AM here once again to bring about this message, a message for All
For it is my understanding that Peace will Reign on this Earth
For many have brought forth the messages to help you and to show you clearly the potentials of this
For it is All but a choice!
It is up to you now children to make a choice into the Love in Life that you may choose
Follow your Hearts, Listen to what calls to you, Take a chance into the NEW!
FEAR NOT!  For We are Always Nearby!
Your choices now will shape things to come, not only in your lives, but in the lives of many
We ask of you to choose Wisely!
Make choices of Peace, of LOVE, of Tranquility
So that these choices Will reflect a Light in Love out to All, out to the Universe
You are also creating Universal Peace!   I’d bet you didn’t think of that  ( spirit smiles)
Not just here on this planet where your biology resides, but out into the vast unknown, Your Universe!
We have told you many times to” Be that you wish to create”   “Be the Love”  “Be the Peace”  ” Be the Joy” ” Be the Happiness”
“Be Prosperous” “Be Abundant in All that you Wish to Create”
” Have an Attitude of Being”
“Be the choices that you are Creating”
We have asked you to choose Wisely!  For you are All Wise Beings created in Love
For now there will be things shown to you, to help you, to guide you
We ask that You Learn to be your Own Guide
Open your hearts, Open you minds, to new Creative Ideas and Thoughts, Listen Within!
Open, Open, Open,
Open the doors of Imagination!  Create! 
It is your creative abilities and desires that shape your reality!
Is it peace that you Desire?
 Is it more Love that you Desire?
Is it a yearning that comes to you that is felt from within?  Listen to it children!
If it is calling to you , In Love, Create this!
This is that part of you that calls out to create!
WE ask you to listen and then create. Create the Life that you TRULY WISH FOR and DESIRE!
You All can do this, for it is within All of you
Be Happy in All that you create for the time is NOW!
In this journey of your lives, bring about the NEW!
For this is what you All Desire
Be at Peace children and we will say this unto you
Our path is your path,
Your path is a path that is Wide Open
Open to all things creative
There are No limitations as to what you wish to create
Open yourselves to your creative abilities and Fly Free into the Openness of LOVE!
For I AM with you Always
 I would like to thank Yeshua  for bringing about this message of LOVE
I would Like to thank God for All the love that is shared with us everyday In this Beautiful Journey
I would like to thank all of you for being a part of this journey with me
 In Love