Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

Spirit Message # 16
Hello to you All
For I AM with you All yet once again
For in this time in this place  we have all sat to ponder the true meanings of life
Choosing things in a way of wonder
Now, as you sit and wonder, know that this to is appropriate
For you See All that is before you
You have been shown many things
For we have come before many of you
In ways of a dream
Of a whisper
Of a light
Of your heart
So that you will understand and open to the knowing of Love
Of whom you are
Of All that Is
For We,You, have come to many places of wonder
“Take Not from this Journey that is before you, But Breathe Life and Love into Every Moment”
In Joy your lives children
Create the life, the existence of Joy of Peace of Happiness that you all so long for
For In this place of Joy, Peace, and Happiness is the True Essence of whom you really are
A piece of the Creator
The Creator
God of Self
Go out into the world of your dreams and be the creator of your lives!
InJoy Yourselves!
Love Yourselves!
Be at peace within your All Knowing
Be humble in you Beginnings
Express your Love
In all the hopes of life, may yours Be Grand!
With a positive way of seeing / looking at all that is in and around your lives, be open to receive
You all can do this! We have seen this many times before
So, be at peace within your Hearts to know that we are always near, always close by
For you have Seen Us in the Dream
You have Walked with Us in the Light
You have all heard Us Whisper in your Ear
In all that you do, In all that you are
For I AM ever so humble to be with you all
For you all know my name as Love
This is how I know all of you
 I would like to thank Yeshua for All  the Love that he has expressed for All of us in this message
I would like to thank all of you for your love, support and Intent for being a part of this journey in life and love