Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

Hello to you All,
For I Am here, Now, with you in a state of Grace
Look not at what is before,
Hast be the beckon call of the Inner child
Look not to others, for the child within, the Love within, holds all the answers for what you may seek, NOW
Open your Eyes, eyes to look at, into a New way of living
Not in strife
Not in pain
Not in worry
Not in fear
but In LOVE!
For the old ways are ways of NOT!
Open your eyes, Your Arms, Your Hearts, Your Consciousness to New Ways of Life, Of Living
Bring Not these Old Ways of Life with you!
For they Do NOT Honor you NO MORE!
Life hast taken a change, a change for you All
A change that is So Grand you need Not Worry of a thing!
Believe in it or Not, is yet still the choice you shall make
For We have told you and have given you All many signs as to what may come about
You see, your lives have all Transitioned into a New Place,
A Place of Peace, of Honor, of Integrity
Shown not of old things would you have not chosen to bring about these New Ways of Life, of Living
Are All becoming self rewarding in the knowing that all of which you have done and participated in over the Millennia of Time (Ha)
You NOW move through the DOORS of ENOCH!
Into a Realm of Love!
Into a Realm of Bliss!
Into a Realm of Self Creation!
Holding NOT to Old Patterns, Old Beliefs, Old Ways,
Shall Thou Not Walk Through!
A Love of Whom YOU ALL ARE!!!
A Remembrance of HOME!
Peace be with All of You! for you all have journeyed long yet to arrive here!
Yes! there are those who have arrived
and there are those who are on their way!
Hold and Hiding in the shadows of Love my children is not for your benefit
Move out of the shadows and Open Your Hearts to more Peaceful ways of Life, Of Living
Your New Peaceful Ways of Life, of Living, Will Reflect a Light out Into The World!
A Light of Happiness!
A light of Joy!
A light of Knowing!
A Light of Being all that Love IS!
So Rejoice in these moments my children and Unlock the Door to All that Is Before You
Open the Door to LOVE
For it Awaits You ALL!
With Your INTENT and the LOVE Of GOD!
May you all have a Pleasant Stay, In Life, In Love, In All that You Are, In All that You Create
 I would like to thank Spirit and All of you who have given Intent for this message to come about
“For Love Always Finds a Way”
I Honor you All in the Deepest ways of Love