Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

Hello to you All!
For I Am here with All of you, In this moment Of Peaceful Times
You all have many Questions concerning your lives;
Which way do I go?
How must I do Things?
Where is this place of Peace?
I will take you  Now, to a place of your will, It’s a place of knowing
In this time and place characters of your being, will be with you, you will come to recognize the facts of Love, The facts of life with your Innate Being
To travel yet once more to a place of living life in all of it’s Grand Potential
We know that you ask of these things,
We know what turmoil’s you are going through
We know of all the paths that you have travelled
We Know who you are
We ask of you to take part in the ever changing, ever evolving, times on your planet
As you seek out New ways of living, New ways of Life, Gather your thoughts of knowing
Hold The Light
Hold your Love
Hold the Peace, of All that you are, So that you may bring this forth as a pillar
Strong, Soft, Compassionate, Unconditional as Love throughout All
You see, These times that you have all created, Will take you to New Places, New harbors so that you may Set Sail into the Unknown of Creation
Arduous at times for those of you, this may seem,
But simple if you just Allow
As they may be,
There are places unknown to you All, that are Awaiting Your Discovery!
For you to choose,
This or That as one may view it
Follow your Heart,
Follow Your Dreams of Love
There, these things, that you will Discover, that are Pleasant,
 For you have Created Them
Joyfully, Blissfully, on your path
Share with your heart
Share with your Love
Share with All that you are and be open to Receive
Place No value of This!
Place No Hardship of This!
Be in a place of Unconditional Acceptance with the  ALL
For, We have given you messages of Love children, for you to recognize the potential, of all that you are from Within
Be at Peace in knowing that it is Your Love, That Shines Out Into the World for all to see
Shine Your LIGHT!
Stand In LOVE!
Be at Peace in Your HEARTS!
Till next Time’
May the Over Soul that Guides you
Help you to Open up
To the Grand Potential of Your Being!!!
 Once again I would like to Thank God for  ALL that Is, For All that We are, For the Gifts of Love in our lives
In Being able to share this experience, This expression of love with all of you ,
Once Again, I thank All of you who have given Intent In Love
For it is I,  who am honored by all of your love
Thank You
 May The Love of God Bring you All Divine Illumination!!!