Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

Hello to you All,
For I Am back yet with another message for you ALL
Yes, In this place, In this time, In this Moment, your focus In Life is GRAND!!!
If I may, I would like to take you to a place of not long ago
A place where All have been, its a place of Remembrance
In this place, This is an opening in your Heart to Love, to a Love so Grand, it Rings the Chimes of Heaven
You see, not to long ago, you All resided there, In a place of consciousness
For there, Love to you was Grand!
In this place of consciousness, there is No turmoil, grief, worry, doubt, stress as one would create
This place of Love, of Heaven, as you would see it, or prefer to call it, in your language, is a place well known to you
The separation from this place was only of the mind creating it
In this place of Love is where Creation Began
With You ALL, You the Creator, The Creator of All, The Creator of All things
To be plain and simple and to a point of fact, You All have risen in a form of Creation given (granted) to you
By your request, to Experience life on this planet, a Life Unknown to you,  but in Love
You have carried the Great Mysteries of Life with you when you set out to Explore and Create on this wondrous planet called Earth
In your unknowingness, you went forth In Trust, In Belief, In Love, To Dance on the Winds of Air
Never doubting, Never worrying, Not stressing, about where you were going, what you were doing, and what you were to become
Had it ever occurred to you that this is what We are asking of you today, in this moment, in this segment of your lives, to Trust?
To open to the fact of Life and Love, that you are All so Beautiful, All so Truly and Divinely Loved by your Creator
That We ask you to Trust and to Let go of All that does Not Serve You No Longer
And Fly Free into the Unknown of Life
Into the Beingness of Love, as when you set out to come and Incarnate here into this Beautiful Expression of Life and Love, that you All are and have become in your Creations
You see, as strange and as weird to you as this may seem ( In your reality) You ALL are PERFECT!!!
Yes, We did say PERFECT!!!
Yes, We know, that as odd as this may seem to you, you All are PERFECT!!!
Is this not the Grandest News To Behold!!!?
Is this not the Most Beautiful News to you ALL?
So We would say to you, Recognize this FACT!
From Within you All, and Know this TO BE TRUE!
For We All Hold the Keys to Love in this UNI – VERSE
For in this place in your Grand Participation of Life, for this you All Have Come
To Join Together and Create such Beautiful things in All of your Knowingness and Creativeness
We will Always be here by your side to walk with you in this place of Love
For you all have come far, further than you all know, Be at Peace My Children, for the Love that you seek is merely From Within
Know that all is well and that you are all Loved in the Eyes, in the Arms of the Creator
Think not Otherwise!
For Love Surrounds You EVERYWHERE!!!
Open your Arms to Love
Open your Hearts to receive the Love
Open to All that Surrounds You
So We will leave you once again in this time, in this space, in this moment, yet with this,
We ALL, see ALL of what you have done
ALL of what you have Created
ALL of that you have Loved
In this place,
Worry Not! of where you are going
But FLY, on the Winds of the Air
and Breathe into ALL things that you wish to Create,
Setting Forth, Your Dreams Of Love
 I would like to once again, say Thank You to Spirit for this message and the Love that has been expressed and shared with us today
 I would like to thank you all for giving intent and participating in the Love of the Planet and the Love for One Another
 Blessings to all of you