Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

Hello to you All
I Am here with you All in this Now moment of Love
To help you All bring about Peace, Love, and Tranquility into your lives,
for you see You are ALL LOVE, and in this Love are many things,
Things that you Wish
Things that you Wish to Create
Things that you Recall, I say, look not into the past but for a moment
 But, only to view all that you have been given,
Look,  to place in your hearts, to bring about the Peace and Tranquility in your lives that you so desire
This place where you all sit, at times can be so comfortable, or uncomfortable, choose to make it as you wish, All is Loved
Bring forth into this moment,
 All that you desire,  so that truly within your creation of life you will be pleased and happy with what you are creating
Look not to the downside of past creations, for they were there to show you, in Love, in All, that in which you desire
For they were not bad choices as you would prefer to look at them
We would Ask you to View them with a different perspective, and just View them as a choice for this is truly All that it is
Your lives are made up of choices, none of them good nor bad, right or wrong, they are just choices,  Your Choices!
You see, you have been given the freedom to choose
Free Will as you call it
Be Happy in Your Choices, and Learn, and Seek, All of your knowing, through these choices that you have made
The Creations of Your Choices, What did You Create?
Was it something that you Liked?
Was it something that you Disliked?
All In All, Remember they are just choices, again we would say to you, neither right or wrong, nor good or bad, Just Choices, Your Choices
So We ask of you in this moment , as we stand with you to help you on your journey,
Choose Wisely
As you now have learned,” In All that you Choose is In All that you Create”
We would also say to you
What have you learned in all of your past choices, in all of your creation,
Wondrous things one could hope
We wish All the best for you All, In All that you do, In All that you create
Remember, It is your choices that create all that you experience, All that you Love, All of the Wondrous expressions of you
With your creator in this moment in this place
Be at Peace my children,
It is your Grand Wishes and your Grand Choices that have brought you to this Grand Awareness that you All Now are experiencing
Be at Peace In Love
Remember,  “As You Are”  ” As You Create”
Blessings to you ALL In Love In Light In All that you Create
We would ask of you to
“Be the Love You Wish to Create”
Again I would like to thank Spirit for this wonderful message,
and I would like to thank all of you for your love and support
May Peace be Unto you All