Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

 Spirit Message # 11   The Water
 Yes,  Hello to you All, for we are back yet with another message, a message of form, a form that is divine
For the question is, What of the Water?
For you see water is an element of life,
an element that has been brought forth, to cleanse, to purify, to sustain life on your planet
Here, it has been brought forth to create abundance, abundance of All things,
You See, water in its purest form,  brings about life
Brings about ways for you to sustain your life,
As your quotes of water;
” Lets Water the Trees”
“Lets Water the Plants”
“Lets Water the Love in the Hearts of the Many”
As you see it, Water in All its form has been here for millions of years
It comes,  and it goes in what you would call precipitation
It brings about Air
It brings about moisture to the Air
To find this Element in the Hearts of many is purifying
We know that you seek out the truth of Water
Water as we see it, is an Element of Purity, Is an Element of Love
Without this element on this planet, you could not sustain life
You see, with this Element, with the Grace of God and All of your beingness it flows throughout All
Your Rivers, Your Streams, Your Creeks, are all waterways
The Ocean, What a Grand, Vast, Being of Water
So Powerful, So Wonderful, but yet so Mysterious
It holds many life forms, life forms that could not survive without it
It is a different substance of water, it is Salt, Magma
In its coalescent state it forms many things
It brings about growth, it cleanses, it purifies
Coming to this place of purity that flows through your lives, Surrounds your lives and is important to your life
The cleanliness of water cleanses All things
It Births Life, It Radiates with the Sun, It helps to bring about clarity, clarity in all that you seek
It washes the dust away
It brings about fulfillment
You have such odd sayings about certain things;
“May your cup floweth over with Water”
“May the Abundance and Prosperity of All that you brought forth in your life,  come forth to you Now”
“May you Dream a thousand Dreams”
May Water be the catalyst to purify this
May you walk through the water, about the water, and join with the water in the flow of life
As this water comes about, and brings about changes in your life
Through the clarity, through the Loving Being of All that you are
Let the water flow, let it bring about your changes, let it be pure in your lives
Let it be a symbol of Love from your creator
Let it flow through and down through your lives, Let it bring about cleanliness, purity and just feeling of all that you are
Your water comes in Drops of Love Sometimes, (Spirit Smiles)
Drops from your Creator
As you see it, as you see it
Drops of Love , Drops of Love that replenish All
All bring about change in matter
For it is such a key element for you all here, this place , this planet in all its beauty in all its love
How water works with you and helps you to sustain your life
you see, it is a purification
a purification in the deepest way
For you, to Announce your Freedoms in your Unification with all that IS
Water at times to you, seems so clear
And sometimes as it is Mired and Murked by your view of life, by your view of all things
We ask you to look through the purity of the clearness of the Water
To look at all things through the Clarity of the Purity of Water
Yes, sure you can look through the Murk and the Mire all you wish,  if this is what you wish
But We ask of you to look through the Clear Water, to look through the Beauty and the Magnification of all that Love is
Water will continue its flow in life as you will continue your Journey in life
Yes, the flow will continue as change continues, your flow, all change  ” Its Beautiful ”
Stand in the Water, Look through the Water, Be as of the Water
Flow through your lives clear in this change
With Purity, With Clarity, With an Understanding of Beauty,
With an Understanding of Humility
With an understanding of Integrity, with an understanding of LOVE
Let all things be as they are, This is Unconditional as the Water
This is Unconditional as the Water flows to you
Stand in the clarity of your lives, in the purity of Love in the Grace of all that is, in the understanding of you All as the Water
Of you All as the Water, Yes
You are made of energy, water particles, and so many things
But mainly you are Love, love creates it all, Love brings forth it All, Love Allows it all in all of its vast creation,
Love is your key element to All
Clouded makes the Fire
Love brings the Rain, Love brings the Sunshine, Love brings the Happiness, Love brings the Peace, Love brings the tears
Love brings about so many wonderful things in your lives, for you have yet all to see how wonderful Love truly is
Remember my children, remember for its your Love and the Love of All in this experience, in this manifestation in this wondrous journey that you all are experiencing
In your Co-Creation with your creator, may you all walk in Love, May you all flow with the water, may you all see things pure and clear and clean
Open your Hearts to clarity, Open your Hearts to the cleanliness of Love, and to the purity of all that is
See things my children in a new way, in a different way, in a Way of Love
For as the Water is Pure, so are you!
May this purity flow through your lives in all that you do, in all that you desire, in all that you Love
The purity of water, may you drink to life
May you bathe in life,
May You Walk on the Water of Life!!!
 I would like to thank and acknowledge Spirit, for this wonderful message of Love
I would like to thank all of you for giving your Intent for this message
Blessings to all of you