Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

Hello to you All,
Yes, we will start today with yet a new lesson.
One is of the Five Elements that you wish to know about for you call it the Wind
There is Air, Breathing Life into All That Is
It is a transference of energy
From one place to the next, as it moves through the planet, moves around the planet and moves into the space of all
It surrounds everything, it is an energy that moves from one place to another
You see, as you look out and look into the emptiness of space,
as you view the planet from where you stand, there is a life giving energy in what you can not see
The Sun radiates warmth as it presents itself upon your skin
As you sense it, as you feel it, you know it is there but you can not see it, So is the Wind
The Wind transfers energy from one place to another bringing about Change, Exchange, Transference
Holding fast to what you know is not the way of it, you see the wind moves through and around All to bring about the change
It is a Life Giving Energy to ALL Things
It blows the pollen from the Trees, it helps the Flowers to strengthen their stem, It brings beauty as you view the Grass as it blows in the wind
and for some of you with longer hair (spirit smiles) you like to feel the wind blow through your hair
How wonderful does that feel?
It brings a sense of refreshing, a breathe of fresh Air!
How you like to breathe the fresh air in the cool, cool, morning as the Sun comes up and presses warmth upon your face
as you breathe in you smell the crisp cool Air
Air and Wind are the same
Wind is the movement of the Air
Air is what you breathe to sustain your life on this planet
You don’t think about it, you just do it, it comes so natural to you
As should the change that you are now, all bringing about 
I know that it seems so hard my children, at times it will seem difficult, but There Is Nothing that You can not Walk Through
Let the Wind carry you through this, Slowly, Slowly, Slowly
Feel yourselves getting lighter, and lighter, and lighter as you move through the change
Glide on the Wind
Sense it All around you, It breathes Life into Everything
The Air, The Wind
This Element of Life is so Beautiful, and is so valuable to you on this planet but yet you can not see it, you can not claim it
you could not put a price on it, It Just IS
It’s a Gift from your Creator, that you use everyday in Unconditional Love
Why cant you all not see this?
Why cant you all not Be This?
Be, as of the Wind
Be, as of the Creator
Be, as of Unconditional Love
Breathe the Air, The Wind of Life, Into everything!!!
Everything that you desire
Everything that you do, Breathe into it
Breathe into the Air, Breathe into the Wind
Send it out on the Wind and help facilitate the change!
Send your Love and Desires out into the Wind, and watch the change come from within, and from around you
So when you are in the outdoors take a moment to sit in the quiet
To sense,and feel with your entire body, with all of your Beingness to sense all of the energy that surrounds you
The Love from the Trees, the Earth, From the Water, From the Fire
The messages of Love that come to you,
Sense, Feel All that surrounds you from your feet to the top of your head and beyond out into your Auric Field
Sense and feel All of the Love that the Creator bestows upon you
Now my children, take with you these messages of Love from the Wind
And Breathe, Breathe, Breathe
I would like to thank Spirit for the Love and the message that is given here today
and I would like to thank you all for your Intent in bringing about this message
Blessings to you All