Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

Hello to All,
I Am here with you Now to bring forth a message, a message of Love
In this place where All sit, this is a Grand place indeed.
To know the things that you know, to have experienced all that you have, Is, a Grand place indeed
Hold on to the things that resonate, for they are your guiding lights, so to speak, that you have chosen to help you move forward
Pay attention to these Lights that Guide you they are messages from your Creator to help you so that you may come to a
place of ease
Fret not of what you do not know but use the knowledge of what you have and all that you have gained through your experiences,
past and present, as your linear perception might conceive of it.
Do not fear, fear, For the opening of all that you are, brings you closer to all that you are, LOVE
Grand Love!!!
In this moment, in this place of your consciousness know that all is well, your creator and you are as One
Believe, Believe, Believe for the Peace and Love that you have asked for, awaits you Divinely within
Go within as you seek and you will find truly all that you desire 
Bring this forth into your reality so it will become your reality, a reality of Love, of Peace, of Honor, of Integrity
As noble as this sounds the nobility is you
Know that we are always here, Know that you are never alone,
May the wondrous reality that you create be all that you truly desire, You can do this, You All can do this
For your life is yours as you choose to create it
Be at peace and know that we are always here beside you, for we are honored to bring forth to you these
Messages of Love and Guidance
May Peace be Unto you All
Just a note; To all of you have given intent for this message to come through
I Am truly grateful for all of you, if you have a friend or someone who is interested in receiving these messages please
feel free to give them my E- mail address, so with their intent, that I may add them to the list, ( I Am also open to do a personal channell for you if you would like
let me know and we can schedule a time)
I thank you all again, until next time
Love Eternal, Keith