Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

Good Day to you all
It is so nice to see so many
So many familiar faces here
One of Family , One of Life , One of Togetherness
It is nice as we all join together in Unity
Unity you see brings us all together
Togetherness, YES!  Togetherness
Fun, Happiness, Joy  Can you feel the togetherness?
Togetherness makes you smile
Togetherness takes away the fear
Togetherness helps you to walk into the unknown, together
Fear not children, as you walk into the unknown of life
Entering in this New Space of existence,
Bring with you the Magnificence that you truly are
The Love of God that you are
Fear not, we say to you
Be the Peaceful Being that you are
The Divine Love, that you are
The Heavenly Enchanted Being, that you are
The Grace of God, that you are
I ask you to feel this, to take this within your being and hold this to be true  (spirit pauses)
For this is you, this is your being
The Being of Love   The Being of Light
In all, all of its Grand Magnificence
We know that you create as the creator and have come, and have been created
We will take you now to this place, to the starting of whence you came
Maybe some of you will remember and if you don’t, this too is grand
The Source of Light, The Source of All Being, Your Being wants to show you your magnificence
Take this energy in,  Hold this energy   (spirit pauses)
The light from whence you came “ Is the Light of Love”
In this light is the beginning of all of whom you are
This is the light that is within each of your hearts
We would ask you to shine this light and bring this light to the world
Let it Radiate the Love that you are
Let it Radiate the Magnificence that you are
When someone asks you, Who are you?
You reach out and touch them with the kindness of love
May you reach out to many In Joy and touch them with the Kindness of Love
Hold their hand as we hold yours in the Kindness of Love
We have all come together in many, many lifetimes to see, to visit, to allow, to share, with each other, in each other, around each other, the magnificence of our creations
Hold true to your heart children, hold true to your heart
For the Magnificence of Love Is You
We share with you now a peaceful offering in love  (spirit pauses sending energy)
The Magnificence of Peace
The Magnificence of Beauty
The Magnificence of Honor, of Joy of Happiness, to share with each
other this Magnificence
Bring together one another, for no one is alone, no one
We share with you our love so that you may see the love that you are
Be peaceful children, peaceful I say to you
May the Love and The Light of the Father and the Mother be with you and raise your consciousness in all that you wish to be
For it is here now that I will assist you with this
For it is here now that I ask you to join me in love
For I AM Yeshua   I Am Here  With You
May you feel this Love
May you feel this Light  with an Open Heart
May the purity of your innocence shine through
May you have a greater understanding of who you are
For is this not, why we are all here, To share this Magnificent Energy, the Magnificent Energy of Being?
I’ll close with you now in this place of love
Find me within your heart and know that I am always there
Reach In for me and know you will find me
Reach In and I will take your hand
And so it is………
I would like to thank Yeshua and the Father and the Mother for their love and kindness
I would like to thank all of you who attended this live channeling
Who, with your love I am able to bring forward this message In Love for all
I thank you all for your love and kindness and may we all see each other soon
May Peace Be Unto You All