Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

Hi everyone…
A couple of weeks ago my wife Elena and I had the opportunity to go to Sedona AZ  for a gathering in love with our wonderful brothers and sisters
I don’t know if any of you have had the opportunity to experience Sedona but it is very Beautiful there….as is the rest of the planet
But… Sedona is a place that some of us like to gather because the energy there is wonderful and feels like home…
One morning as I was awakening from sleep I had a vision with Spirit…some of the experiences that I have I don’t usually share with others because they are at times very personal
But …I shared this one with a friend of mine and realized what it meant to him that maybe I should share this with all of you…that maybe it would help to make sense with things that are happening in your lives today as to the life you are living and creating…that you do have everything that is necessary to create the life in love that you wish for…
This is what I wrote after seeing this vision
Today as I awoke
I was shown, as I followed Spirit
They took me to a man who was high on a mountain at the edge of a cave
As he looked out he had beautiful views and he was painting what he saw
He didn’t have the painting tools of today, his were of ancient times
But…he used them to the Best of his ability to paint and draw what he saw
Maybe he thought …..If I only had a canvas to paint on instead of a rock or the side of a cave
Or …if only I could make my paint a different color so I could duplicate the beauty that I see
What spirit was telling me
Is to use the tools that you have Now to Create the Best Picture …the Best Life…the Best Form that you wish to create
Although we may have different Ideas about , What if?
What if my tools were different?
What if my tools were better?
That instead of the what if,,, that we use what we have readily available and create from there
Maybe you will create a New Tool to create with or be surprised at what you can do with what you already have.
I thank you all for being a part of my journey and sharing your lives with me
May we all accept and love each other for whom we are and realize the beauty in everything….the love of god that we all are
In this I Am Grateful
Sending you all Love