Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

Spirit Message # 59  “Kryon”  12-11-12

Hello to you all,

There’s a place in your Heart, in your mind, that I would like to take you

If you trust me and trust in yourself, it will only be for a short time

Here in this place together we will share a space, a space to think about your future and what it is you would like it to look like

Remember in this space, whatever you bring with you has the potential for creation and writing your future

So, I would ask you to take a moment and decide what is it that you will bring with you into this space that “We Share Together”…

Will they be thoughts of fear?  The old ways of the past, that include lack of self worth and fear of benevolence?

Or…will they be thoughts of Love from the Heart..from your True Creative Source, the God from within who would like to be recognized and say ..That it is here I Am Creating!…It is here That I Am the Creator!..It is here that I Will Create from Love!..

And Create from Love You Will..

You see, what you bring with you and where you create from is the reality of the new

If it is pain, suffering and lack that you wish to revisit, then perhaps you will revisit it again…and again..

But if you wish to change it dear one, then I ask of you to change it in a way of Love, of Peace, of Harmony, of Joy, of Never Ending Abundance

For you and All humanity, I ask you to stand with me in this space and Create Love and Abundance for All!

Can you do that with me? In this shared space together, There is Only Benevolence, There is Only Peace, There is Only Love

I share this with you to help Co Create our lives together In Harmony.. In Light!  Together In Love!

I Thank You for sharing your time and this space together with me and all humanity in Creating a Benevolent Future for All Humankind

I Am Kryon in Love with Humanity

And so it is…

Hi everyone..This message came through when Elena and I arrived back in Kiev ..(Ukraine)

The energy of Kryon..Wow…Beautiful as always..From what was coming through while I was channeling is that Kryon is asking us to really “Focus our Intent Now” on how we look at our lives  the lives of others and the planet..While we are creating  for ourselves to keep in our hearts the love for all humanity and all beings as well..To really understand and embrace what it is Consciously we are know that we are all Co Creating together…to do it with Focused Intent from your Heart in a Place of Love…to be Mind full and Heart filled…To love all beings…To Love yourself the God from within..So when you create..remember that you are creating with all beings here and elsewhere..Be the Light and Love that you are and share this in a Benevolent way for all!..

.May Peace Be Unto You All