Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

“The Theory of Time”
Time is a place of “Non Existence” and it is a place of “Firm Existence”
It is a place we can go through our Thoughts, Imagination, and the Body form of which you have created,
which exists in this place of time for your experience in creation…
Time is a place of Nothing-Ness,
Time is a place of Full-Ness,
Time is a place for the Dreamer, to touch upon a reality of time, in time
The “Vision of Time” is looked at very Eloquently,
For it has, some times the Illusion of nothing…
But at this Time of Illusion, it is a very precarious place where all things exist for the believer of this Phantom Place…
It can be a place for many reasons, to disappear, to create something new, to explore something of old in contemplation…
Time for the Explorer opens “The Grand Doors of Imagination and Opportunity”
It is Creation open to everything!
 To the All That IS!  and That IS Not!  The Moment of New Creation, The Void of All Existence….
Time develops over time…
It is an interacting energy set into place by the individual who is creating it,
(For example)
The one who is creating their reality (In this time , in this moment) and
There may be others who wish to join in,
In this time in this creation and create what would be noted as “Moments in Time”
You see all of you create and document and are here to participate in these “Moments in Time”
Some have gone to Great Lengths to create movies “In Space In Time”
Movies in general, and documentaries one might say
For you are all now familiar with your new picture phones  
You create selfies, movies, and videos, of your time in space on this planet (Sometimes with others in creation)
To view and or what you may perceive as a past time to “Go Back” per say
And revisit these places of time “In Time”
But for NOW they Exist in This Time, Your “Now Time” of Being
One day children in the not so distant time, maybe in another Universal Place of existence,
You may again choose to revisit these places of recorded time once more…
To revisit these Emotional Places that were once your Creations of Happy Experiences
In a place of Heaven in Earth…In time…
We leave you Now to ponder time how we see it and for you to Discover…
Happy Travels, Travelers of Time!!!…
Hi Everyone, here is a message that came through while I was on a short trip to Kansas the other day
Amazing to me what was said about time and how we move about in something that exists ..but does not…
And how we choose to participate in it… and how it is the mystery…may this bring you some clarity…
This is an Exciting Time to be here!……   Have fun with your Time …!
May Peace Be Unto You All