Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

“Singing Your Soul Song of Love’s Remembrance…Are you Singing?”
Hello to you All,
For I Am here with you today to help you bring forward  a Song
Your Soul Song of Remembrance, the Chimes of Heaven are Ringing Now!  Can you Hear them?
Open your Hearts children and listen to the songs..The Songs of Love, of Laughter, of Joy..the songs of remembrance…
Your joy, Your Happiness, is here in this Now..
Play the Music, Dance, Sing,  Be Joyous
To be here with you All Now is our Favorite Song
To experience life unknown is joyous indeed!
It is our greatest pleasure as life unfolds before you..You Should See You  NOW!  WOW!
You All are so Amazing!  So Beautiful!  Look at All that Light!
The Light of Love, the Lights of Happiness, the Lights of Joy!     “You All are the Incredible Experience!”
How many of you know that in this place in this Now Time that you are Truly Loved Beyond Measure?
As the one who brings you this message, he Loves all of you Immeasurably…
His heart, his love for humanity goes beyond any that you can imagine..
I know that many of you can imagine a lot and that Is what Love Is about
But Imagine a Love so Beautiful, so Grand, so Perfect, so Pure…Imagine this Love in all of its immensity and multiply by your greatest number, it is only but a tip of a needle as for the love that this one has for you all…for this love is what you all have…  Can you Imagine that?    YES!!!   Please do…  Imagine the Imaginable!..that, You are the Greatest and Grandest  Love Ever!!!  Yes Children You Are!…and he knows it…Now you do to!
Take this with you and “BE THE IMMEASURABLE LOVE TO ALL!!!
We bid you a Grand Day…
Hi everyone,
I wish to thank all of you for being here, thank you for your love
You are beautiful fun loving beings…and so much more
I am happy to be here singing with all of you…together
May Peace Be Unto You All