Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

“Freedom” “The Boundless Creation”
 Hello to you all
For I AM here with you Now to bring yet another message
On this Peaceful day many are wondering
Wandering in Light
Wandering in Love
Many of you are Wonder about the Things to Come
I would say this to you
FREE in All That you do
FREE in the Expansion of Love
FREE in the Life of Your creation
For if it were not for Free Will
Would you Not have come here?
You came here in the Freedom of Creation!
To live your lives! Explore the Unknown!
To gain an understanding in the Freedom and Expansion of LOVE!!!
Quite simple “FREE LOVE”
Free Love is who you are!
This is who you are!!!
An Eternal Light of FREE LOVE!
Freedom to be and Create as you wish, In an Expansion of Love
From the beginning you knew!
You had this Knowing!
Was it Lost?
Was it ever Lost?
Ask yourself who you are?
What is the answer?
Listen children, listen to your Heart
Listen in love
Listen in All That you are, In all the you have become , In all that you are becoming
Freedom is the Essence of LOVE,
To Create
To Love
To Change
To Evolve
To Expand your Consciousness and Awareness to place’s unknown
To Be the Ever Evolving Spirit of Love that you ALL are!!!
Yes, We know that at times you don’t feel so free
that you are afraid, unaware,
you feel helpless and needy
Know that as you grow through these emotions, There is a Freedom of Knowing
Remember, In All the Expansion of Love,   All is Appropriate!
Be at One with Yourselves
Be at One in Life
Be at one With All That IS
It is this Freedom that makes you Boundless!
Boundless to Create
Boundless in Love
Boundless in all that you are, in all that you are becoming
To Know Freedom is to Know Thyself
In this Freedom of Love, we are with you,  Always
For Love is as you are, “Free for All”
In this Ever Changing, Ever Evolving  Freedom,   IS YOU!
Please, take this moment to Feel and Be Free
 Free!     Free!   Free!
In the Love of Freedom, I am as you
Love Yeshua
I would like to thank Yeshua and all of you who are here now in this place of Love
To take a moment and Feel Free in Love