Keith Frank
Love: “A Universal Light Language”

“The I in Spirit Is You”
Disturb not the flow of life
But become the flow of life
Hello to you all
for I am here with you in this Now Moment
Through your understanding, your knowledge, your wisdom
through all that you have learned, 
Be the Harmony
Be the Love
Be at One with all that surrounds All
In your heart is the peace of all understanding, Know this as truth
For this will guide you through the many things that will come before you
Use this as your wisdom to be Free as you walk
Be aware of all that you encounter, Here and Now
Understand that this is the Freedom of Love, The Love of God, The Love from Within
( a conversation with spirit)     I : I  S : Spirit
I :  I had said to spirit that sometimes I get a little fearful of something’s, and Spirit said,  Have you Not learned to overcome your fears in many ways?
I:  I said,  Yes.      S: Spirit said, Well what is it?    I; I said , I guess its a fear of not knowing what may happen or what may become
S: Spirit said;  Must you know all things?    I; I said, at times I would prefer to know a little more,
S: Spirit said; Is not the time that you Dis-cover a little more appropriate for your life and your journey?  I: I said,  Yes
S: Spirit said, Then what is there to fear?  Be at peace in all that you have learned, for the Love of God is You
In all that you Are,
In all that you have Become,
In all that you are Creating
See not as things are or as they may be for the day, but look on to things as they create themselves before you
The appearance of the day is but a moment of which it is creating self upon
Believe in the Possibility and the Magic,
This helps create the endless possibilities in all of your creations, In all that you wish to create
Be at peace and observe the quietness in all that you create for it is here that Wishes Open to Dreams and all that you Desire Becomes!
For We Love You ALL!!!
In this peaceful place of Love,  I wish you all the comfort of knowing
Be at Peace
Quiet your minds
Let your Heart Rest
and Know that in all that is before you there is Nothing to Fear
I would like to thank Spirit of Love and Yeshua for their loving message today
and I would like thank all of you for your Love and Intent as we create a New Life in Love Together
May peace be Unto you All